Mobile Gelato Bar | 0 – 50 Servings

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seven gelato bins | fifteen flavours to choose from | topping & syrups | cones & cups | eco-options | branding options 

Our mobile gelato bar serves up a delicious array of traditional Italian ice cream. Choose from a variety of flavours from traditional lime & lemon, to our chef’s choice “Nutella & Biscotti” and sprinkle on the toppings!

Your mobile gelato bar will come complete with a refrigeration unit that holds up to seven different gelato flavours from the fifteen we have to offer along with a selection of six different toppings.

Most people believe gelato is no more than the direct translation of ice cream from English to Italian but it is so much more than that. This Italian frozen dessert is made with different proportions of milk to cream, but you will be surprised to know that the smooth, silky texture of gelato does not come from more cream. That’s right, gelato is made with less cream and more whole milk than ice cream. So, why is gelato so uniquely decadent without all the cream? It all comes down to the prep method, duration of churning and the storage temperature, but we won’t get into the details here, visit our blog to learn more but first… book your mobile gelato bar right here.



  • Standard seven bin gelato refrigeration bar
  • Mobile gelato bar machinery and equipment
  • Premium gelato service (p/cup) includes:
    • Up to seven Italian gelato tubs
    • Choose from 15 gelato flavours
    • 6 choices of toppings (Crushed Orea, chocolate honey comb, Reece’s Pieces, chocolate covered biscuit; crushed walnut and marshmallows)
      * Additional toppings available on request
    • 3 flavoured syrups (Bar One; Peppermint Crips and Milky Bar)
      *Additional flavours available on request
    • Eco friendly cups and stirrers
    • Professional gelato barista
    • Delivery and set up (Within JHB Metro)
  • Optional extras:
    • Branding: bar counter; coffee cup sleeves; growing paper coffee cup sleeves (Plantable); serviettes; foam stencil; barista apron & cap.
    • Premium ice cream baristas and baristesses (Oh Hosts & Hostesses)
  • Conditions:
    • Minimum order of 50 servings
    • Delivery outside of JHB Metro will incur an additional fee


2 reviews for Mobile Gelato Bar | 0 – 50 Servings

  1. Layla May

    Gelato just screams classy, especially when paired with a sultry espresso. I think this might be love.

  2. Elouise Clark

    These mobile gelato bars are something else. It’s like Wakkaberry and Baglios had one perfect child. The only difficult part is only choosing 9 flavors, they are all delicious!

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