It’s never just ‘a cup of coffee’… it is how relationships start. How how business deals are made. Coffee is that little bit of help we need to ‘do what we gotta do’! Our mobile coffee bars use the finest imported Italian coffee beans and state-of-the-art equipment. Our professional ‘OH-BARISTAS’ ensure a spectacular cup every time and it doesn’t end there. Add delicious flavours, ice it, throw into a gourmet milkshake or have it served in the trending “Coffee-In-A-Cone™”. You can even choose a branded cup. Build your own exclusive coffee experience to suit your needs and blow your guest’s minds. Of course we also care about the environment so our standard offering is as eco-friendly as possible, from bio degradable cups to edible options. Yum!


It’s really simple! Either contact us on the enquiry form below or, for a quick and seamless process, use our convenient online booking facility, also below. When using our online booking option choose from one of our standard packages below and if you want more servings than specified in our pre-made package then all you have to do is click on the corresponding package top up  cart item. So if you want a specialty coffee bar with, lets say, 75 servings then add the Specialty Mobile Coffee Bar | 0 – 50 Servings package to  your cart. Then choose the Coffee Servings P/Serving | Specialty Coffee Mobile Bar Package Top Up and input 25 under quantity. BOOM! Bob’s your uncle! You’ve just booked your specialty mobile coffee bar with 75 servings. Its that easy. Don’t worry, we will contact you as soon as you place your order and are available to answer any questions you may have.


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