30 JANUARY 2019 |


As usual its been a slow start to the year. People are coming back from their year end holidays and dusting off the “back to work blues”, all while plucking up the energy to get stuck into a brand new year! Zenith Media took the initiative and hosted a 2019 kick off party for their clients, at their offices, in Bryanston, Johannesburg. This wasn’t just any party. In true Zenith Media style they went all out! Delicious canapés, soulful background music and the major party hit… our Mobile Gin Bar! Our professional barmen served amazing gin cocktails to Zenith Media’s thirsty guests, much to their delight! They couldn’t get enough! Guests would create their own cocktails from our selected premium craft gins, fresh fruits, botanicals and a wide range of bespoke mixes. We had lads drinking “pink drinks” and ladies going for the darker mixes, all the while making the guests happy! Our friendly staff also served some beers and bubbly, however, when our Mobile Gin Bar is around, not many people go for the standard stuff! A great evening was had by all, happy guests and happy client! 


We will be showing some major love in the month of February – We will be showcasing some of our most popular mobile bars and unique product offerings at our official 2019 Mobile Bar Solutions Showcase later this month!