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The Oh Agency is a professional company that supplies the activations, expo, wedding and events industries as well as the corporate and private  sectors with our mobile bar hire services, promotional staffing, food truck hire and AV services. Collectively our boutique team boasts close on a century of event, marketing, PR and advertising experience. But we weren’t always all about mobile bars, food trucks, activations staff and event staff. We facilitated entire events, activations and expos from concept to completion and found that we LOVE making people really, really happy! And what makes people happier than booze; coffee and delicious treats served by a professional with finesse and a smile backlit with some ambient lighting

Due to the fact that we have managerial experience in all facets of events, activations and expos, we are well prepared to ensure that the bar and promotional staffing elements of your event, expo, wedding or activation go off without a hitch. We boast a staffing complement of several professional event specialists. That is to say, we know  events from the ground up and thus we know exactly what mobile bar, promotional staffing and AV requirements  will add value to your event, activation, expo, function, wedding, bir

We are based in Johannesburg, but that doesn’t stop us from getting around. We are mobile after all. Our extensive network of agents and staff allows us to efficiently operate within all cities on a national level,  as a result we are able to facilitate road and trade shows thus ensuring brand consistency from coast to coast.

We offer tailor made branding solutions to our clients, from mobile bars to promoter and hostess uniforms thus ensuring maximum brand exposure

We bring that “spectacular something” and “wow factor” to each function and as a result we work closely with numerous activations agenciesevent companies, PCOs, wedding planners, corporate and private clients across South Africa.


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Mobile bars  are our niche… our “thing”, and that is why we are so passionate about bringing our service offering to the market. We keep abreast of what’s hot and happening around the globe, because keeping our clients up to date with the latest event and food fads; crazes and taste sensations keeps you at the top of your game.

We offer a very personalised service allowing you to add your own finishing touches and flair to the final product, because if you can dream it we can do it. Want to impress your guests with your very own signature cocktail; mocktail; smoothie or milkshake recipe that’s NAMED just for you? Firstly, we’ve got you! How about a candy station all in your themed colours with candy servers kitted out to match? If you don’t want the same old take away cup, then how about a branded glass sippy cup or e-cup to take home?  Or even eco-friendly disposables that contain your favourite seeds that can be planted? Want to wow guests with an unforgettable experience? Secondly, we bring in the big brands’ ambassadors to facilitate tastings and pairings so you get the best experience.  Themes? PLEASE! You want a unicorn themed bar? We do the unicorn bar…. moreover, any theme really… for example: holidays; occasions; super heroes; princesses; baby showers… you get the picture. 

To sum it up, the sky is the limit, but here are a few of our options to mull over:

  • Cocktail, shooter, full and local bars 
  • Coffee, Coffee in a Cone TM, 12 flavours, glitter
  • Milk shake and hot chocolate (with toppings) 
  • Gelato, soft serve, frozen yoghurt, toppings
  • Candy, chocolate fountain, candy floss & popcorn



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As a result of being event professionals at and activations agency, we know that an event is only as good as it’s weakest link and consequently we ensure our staff are correctly trained in the proper execution of their duties.

Moreover, should you require product training for your activation staff and brand ambassadors we provide this at a venue of your choice along with communication skill and soft selling skills. Most importantly this is all facilitated by our own professional life, business and presentation coach who trains for corporates such as PWC.

We have a staff  network that spans South Africa, thus ensuring we are always staffed to 100% capacity and as a result have loads of standby staff, in case of emergencies.


These staff members are usually students, young adults and entertainers.  As a result of our national network, we can assist with whatever intrinsic elements your activation entails. Whether you are looking at a simple leaflet hand out; host and hostessing duties or trained brand ambassador duties, we certainly have the answer. In addition we provide dancers and flash-mobs; aesthetic models and character models for specialised duties such as fashion shows; photo shoots and living  statues. 


In short, they are the cogs in a well oiled machine. Our event staff are behind the scenes, but much needed in the running of any event. From serving staff and clean up staff to event runners and security,  we are,  in conclusion, a one stop shop for all your event staffing requirements.


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